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League of Champions Meet

Michael Marmolejos, Writer

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I had time to interview two of New Milford’s top runners–Allen Rysmendiev and Allison Supino–before their League of Champions meet, which a meet held only for Varsity runners in the state. 

When asked about the emotions connected with the final meet of their high school careers, Allison responded with¨It’s bittersweet and I hope to go out with a bang.¨ Allen was a bit more elusive, stating that sometimes “…you gotta do what you gotta do.” 

Allison participates in the high jump, intermediate hurdles, high hurdles, and the 4 by 400; conversely, Allen competes in the high hurdles. When asked about whether or not they believed they would medal at the meet, Allison claimed that¨If I try my hardest I can do anything, so I’m pretty confident for today.¨ Allen replied with,¨I already know I’m going to medal today. I calculated everything out.¨

Lastly, I asked the two if they had any pre-meet rituals. Allison stated that she does her “stretches, listen to music, and get a quick jog in before I run.¨ Allen replied saying,¨I wait for Pic [Ryan Picnic, New Milford’s best hurdler and a Top Five hurdler in Bergen County] to tell me what to do and then I do it.¨

New Milford’s track team is currently undefeated in their league and is truly one of the top opponents to run against in their league. They have one more dual meet against Lyndhurst to determine who the league champion will be on May 8th, and if they win it will be their first league championship since 2014. New Milford and Lyndhurst are always neck and neck when it comes to track and the past 4 years New Milford has lost to Lyndhurst for the league championship and came in second place, but plan on returning the championship home this year.  

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Michael Marmolejos, Writer

Michael plays on the basketball team and runs hurdles for the NMHS track team. His favorite NBA team is the New York Knicks. He is a member of the Buddy...

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League of Champions Meet