Are Celebrities Distracting Us From The Truth?


Credit: Patrick Henningsen, New Dawn Waking Times

Melissa Kocak, Co-Editor

When you walk up to somebody in New York and ask them about politics, the economy, and celebrities, there is a very high chance that the person will know more about celebrities than politics. Almost every day on Twitter, the most trending topics are about what celebrities are doing.

With this in mind: do you ever find yourself paying more attention to celebrity news, like a fight going on, instead of caring about a hurricane that’s impacting people’s lives? If you do, it’s okay. There are many channels on TV that revolve around celebrities, but there are also other channels, like CNN, that talk about what can be considered the “real news.” Often, kids become bored by the “real news” but love anything else; this is because the real news is always serious and depressing. On the other hand, when you hear something about a celebrity, you don’t take it as seriously, and instead, you probably laugh about it at the end. Think: is it possible that the celebrities’ true purposes could be trying to give us a distraction just so we can stay calm and not focus on what is actually going on in the real world?

Yet, over the past few years, people have begun to realize what is actually going on. Recently on YouTube, there have been many videos detailing various conspiracy theories. For example, YouTuber Shane Dawson created a video titled Popular 2017 Conspiracy Theories. In this video, Dawson talks about how there are always celebrity distractions during times of crisis. Furthermore, when you Google “conspiracy celebrity distractions,” there are several photos and links proving that there is always a “big thing” going on with a celebrity while there are more serious problems going on in the real world. For example, an article titled Britney Spears was Hired by George W. Bush discusses how people believe entertainer Britney Spears was hired by former President George W. Bush to shave her head and “go crazy” (which is now an infamous example) to distract us from what was really going on in the United States and during the war in Iraq. Additionally, in his article “Celebrities and the Art of Distraction,” reporter Patrick Henningsen highlights various “coincidences” regarding celebrities and international events. 

To prevent getting distracted by the unnecessary news, it is important to not give it attention. When people in control, like the President, realize that we are starting to see what is going on, they could stop forcing celebrities to do something that might cause a lot of attention. No matter what we do, the people that are in control believe that they will always find a way to distract us from what is really happening, whether it’s about politics or the economy. Next time something crucial happens in the world, you are 100% positive to find the #1 trending topic on Twitter will be about a celebrity.

So, the next time somebody walks up to one of us in New York or on the street anywhere and they ask us about celebrities, politics, and/or the economy, let’s be the group of people that know more about politics and the economy instead of celebrities. Let’s be informed citizens. Let’s prove to the world that we don’t care about what the celebrities are doing and instead care more about things that impact us every day.