Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Officially End Engagement


Photo: Getty Images

Hailey Komninos, Writer

The short lasting relationship of Sweetener singer Ariana Grande and SNL performer Pete Davidson quickly ended on October 14, 2018, when the couple decided to call off their engagement. The couple had gotten engaged only two weeks into their relationship.

It is said Grande dumped the 24-year-old comedian because he wasn’t giving her proper treatment. Sources such as the Daily Edge kept track of the questionable things Davidson had done or said during the relationship to make her stay with him. Davidson quickly made an impression of being manipulative towards his girlfriend, possibly being one of the causes she returned her engagement ring to him. A large contributor to the breakup may be the lack of support he provided for her while she was going through rough times, such as coping with the death of her ex-boyfriend, rapper Mac Miller. Sources told The Sun that Grande did not feel that he was there for her as much as she felt she needed. “Ariana had been devastated and Pete couldn’t handle it… She realized she needs a grown-up who can support her and that’s not him,”

The death of Mac Miller was very hard on Grande and had possibly lead to arguments between the pair. Davidson was not giving her support during a time she was most in need of it.

Additionally, it is commonly talked about how Davidson has a past of making inappropriate comments and jokes regarding Grande. During a comedy skit on SNL in 2017, Davidson stated that Britney Spears didn’t have a terrorist attack at her concert,” in reference to the Manchester terrorist attack which killed 22 people and injured over 800 at an Ariana Grande concert in May 2017. After, Davidson asserted that his joke was taken out of context. Ariana took offense to this joke but still continued to support him. She tweeted on July 5th, 2018, “this has been v tough & conflicting on my heart. he uses comedy to help ppl feel better ab how fed up things in this world are. we all deal w trauma differently. I of course didn’t find it funny. it was months ago & his intention wasn’t/ is never malicious but it was unfortunate”

Davidson has a history of making problematic comments, and although Ariana believes he uses his comedy to make light of bad situations, they still may have contributed greatly to their breakup. 

Following the breakup, The Cut stated that Grande returned her engagement ring,  a 3.03-carat diamond ring set in platinum that cost $93,000, “unhesitantly” back to Davidson. She also kept their pet pig, Piggy Smalls, a teacup pig that they’d adopted together last month, to herself. Davidson will also be seeing several tattoo artists to cover up the multiple tattoos he’d gotten dedicated to his now ex-fiancée.

This event follows rumors that surfaced on social media that were initially thought to be untrue, until now. Recently in September, after Mac Miller’s death, Ariana and Pete’s names had been removed from each other’s Wikipedia, suggesting that they had split. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter were filled with threads investigating the meaning behind this Wikipedia mistake. Only until now the rumors have come true. Many at the time said that, after Grande was hospitalized for a severe anxiety attack due to life-threatening comments and messages, the couple had called off their engagement behind closed doors. After, People relayed that the couple had broken up and got back together numerous times without telling the media, which included multiple fights and disagreements.

“They put on this front of being so happy but there were lots of fights and struggles behind the scenes,” a source close to Davidson states. It seems that the couple was not meant to be and they will do better off apart.