Singing with Mrs. Swarctz


Photo: Daphne Pandeagua

Daphne Pandeagua, Writer

Mrs. Swarctz is the devoted choir director at New Milford High School who has been teaching for thirty years. She has taught many students from all grades and has taught every instrument, including voice, throughout her years at New Milford High School, which is the third school she has taught at throughout her career. Mrs. Swarctz graduated from Montclair State University with a BA in Music Education and earned her Masters degree in Educational Leadership from Walden University.

At a young age, Mrs. Swarctz loved to perform and has always wanted to become a teacher. When she was in the first grade, she started to explore music. Growing up, she was given the opportunity to play for her church. During her high school days, she played at her first wedding.  She later became a church organist/choir director and was in a band for 3-4 years playing for special occasions.

Mrs. Swarctz expresses her joy of teaching and how it has made an impact on her when she states, “Some students enter with little confidence, their heads down looking at their shoes, and gradually they straighten their shoulders and put their heads up and look into the eyes of their peers. Their confidence and self-assuredness grows in leaps and bound, and they learn to believe in themselves. It is a wonderful feeling knowing I had a little part in this process and my students will be better for it. They have changed forever and are ready to take on the trials and tribulations of their lives while reaching for the stars.” She says that if she was to never become a teacher she might have been a private music teacher, a lawyer, or anything that has to do with service and helping others.

One of her students, Adrianna Viera (‘19), expresses the ways Mrs. Swarctz has helped her. Adrianna states, “…she made me see that I have so much potential and that there are reasons why people try out for shows: to see that they too have the chance to shine…I found a blossoming feeling of proudness within myself and stopped viewing myself as less than. Mrs. Swarctz really saw that in me and I couldn’t be more grateful to have her as my music teacher.”

Additionally, Mrs. Swarctz expresses her excitement as she looks forward to the future. Mrs Swarctz is the assistant director of the NMHS Academies and is looking forward to working and helping students through the years to come. She also can’t wait to start the process of this year’s musical and many more musicals to come.

Mrs. Swarctz is a very hard working, talented woman. She is generous and is always there to support her students. She always encourages others to follow their dreams and always has open arms for anyone who comes through her door.