Famous Dex Addresses Domestic Violence Incident

Hailey Komninos, Writer

Famous Dex, born Dexter Gore Jr., is a 25-year-old rapper from Englewood, Chicago who is best known for his hit songs “Japan”, “Drip From My Walk”, and “Pick It Up.”

In 2016, footage of the rapper violently attacking his girlfriend, who is also the mother of his child, went viral. The motive behind the attack was an alleged cheating scandal. Security camera footage details Gore yelling at his girlfriend, including punching and kicking her. At the time, this incident of domestic violence ruined his once thought promising career. 

However, in 2018, Famous Dex released the hit song “Changed Himself” and began to address that violent incident that curtailed his career. During an interview on Open Late, Gore admitted that he knows what he did was wrong and that he hopes nobody, including himself, would ever lay their hands on a woman.

On Open Late, interviewer Peter Rosenberg had a one-on-one sit down with the rapper, where he had stated at the 17:20 mark that “I was wrong to put my hands on a woman. If you ever do that to a woman, you’re wrong. She knew I was wrong and she knows that I’m not perfect. And she believed in giving me another chance… I thank God there wasn’t any jail behind that stuff… a lesson is a blessing.” He explains he knows the actions were wrong and he regrets it, describing how he feels about the situation by saying that he isn’t perfect. He continues to clarify that the woman he’d assaulted granted him forgiveness although she knows what he did wasn’t right, as well as continuing to stay with him as the mother of his child. He also believes he learned a lesson from what he had done and is thankful he never had to experience jail time.

Gore continues to speak about his children one day finding out about the incident. He states, “They will know that life isn’t easy, nobody’s perfect, and once you make one mistake, don’t make the second mistake. You always learn from that mistake.” He hopes that his children will not take the steps of their father and that they will never make the same mistakes as him. He hopes they learn from what he’d done as a lesson to never harm someone.

Gore’s overall message is that he deeply regrets physically harming a woman and wants nobody else to do what he’s done. He does not wish to be a negative role model or an encourager of domestic violence.