Why Join the Drama Department?

Why Join the Drama Department?

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Daphne Pandeagua, Writer

New Milford High School encourages us to find out who we are and what we are interested in and have so many opportunities to be a part of something. Besides other countless school activities and communities, we have an amazing Drama department. We have a Drama Club that performs one acts in the fall and short films towards the end of the school year. Not to mention, there is a highly anticipated spring musical every year. Why not be a part of that? Whether you are theatrically inclined or not, the Drama department will offer great opportunities and experiences you will never forget.

The Drama department is full of so many different people with different interests. Expression plays a big role in this community as people give others the chance to show their talents and not be judged. The department’s mission is to connect with the audience on a journey they will take together. Even if it might seem intimidating at first, they always have open arms for anyone willing to come in. It’s nice to be open to new things and people. They show a deep family value. If that is something you think you are interested in, then they are more than happy to make you a part of the journey. But, if you’re not the type of person interested in performance, there is always stage crew. They are those who help out with any productions/performance behind the scenes. You could learn how to work the sound and lights, make and manage the set and props, or help out with costumes and makeup. Someone always has a job. If you like to make or watch ideas become reality, and want to learn how to manage things, then stage crew is the right fit for you.

Before the musical, there is a benefit concert that helps generate revenue for the production. Additionally, we have alumni who return to support and perform. For example, last year, Joshua Dela Cruz (Class of ‘07), who has just been cast as the new host on Nickelodeon’s Blue’s Clues, returned with several of his colleagues who are in the cast Broadway’s Aladdin the Musical to answer questions and perform several pieces from the show. It is very inspiring to see where these people are in like in their life because it’s important to hear about what they do and what they went through to get where they are now. It’s important to see that there is a possibility that you can get to where you want to be in life if you work hard. 

Here are a few people who express how the Drama department did for them and the benefits of joining:

Mr. Torpie, a Science teacher at New Milford High School, states, “Being part of the theater program allows you to explore new fields, like design, art, lighting, carpentry, singing, writing, directing, dancing and acting. You will find yourself surrounded by some of the most welcoming, friendly and interesting people you will ever meet, and you will find the strength to do the scariest thing in the world: get up on stage and perform. The challenges you overcome, the courage you find in yourself, and the creativity you develop will be with you for the rest of your life, and the memories will be precious and plentiful. And you will laugh more than you ever have before.”

Hannah M. (‘13) states,“Joining the musical is a great resume booster that will teach you skills that are transferable to a college, your future career, and your personal life. Our stage has been the home to several Broadway actors, including the future host of “Blue’s Clues,” Joshua Dela Cruz. We encourage creative expression and believe that theatre should be transformative for the audience in terms of storytelling and the actors’ personal journeys. Joining both the Drama club and the musical will open the door for new friends, new ideas, and self-discovery.  Keep an eye out for the musical announcement and remember–it’s never too late to fall into dance or song with us!”

Allyson C. (‘21) states, “When I was a freshman, making friends and getting comfortable in a new environment was something I was afraid of. But despite my fears, I still joined clubs that I was interested in, and surprisingly, everyone associated with Drama club was so welcoming and kind. I actually ended up having a blast performing with/meeting these people. The Drama club definitely helped me adjust to high school a lot faster, and now as a sophomore, my love for acting has grown stronger thanks to the inspiring, lovable, and talented people in this community.”

Leandre L. (‘19) states, “With stage crew, I got to get close with new people outside of sports. I got to spend more time with friends and actually get off my lazy butt and do some productive during weekends.”

Brizette T. (’18) states, “The Drama department offered a home away from home, a music education that isn’t accessible otherwise, and connections that still benefit me to this day. It even connected me to the Bergen PAC and other extracurricular opportunities that gave me such a widespread network that let me be a part of a conversation I otherwise wouldn’t have been involved in.”

With all of these in mind, one can see that there is always a place for you and there is always something to do. I wouldn’t take anything that the school gives us for granted. As you can see, those who have taken the chance to open up have had a great impact. Don’t be afraid to try new things and get out of your comfort zone every once and awhile. Greatest things don’t come from comfort zones.