Feeney’s Feature: Christian Mastroperrio

Feeney’s Feature: Christian Mastroperrio

Jack Feeney, Writer

The New Milford High School football team had a huge graduating class this year with 24 seniors. Most of them are exceptional at their positions, commanding a lot of respect on the team. However, one senior seems to be a diamond in the rough: Christian Mastroperrio. He is the starting middle linebacker for the New Milford defense that helped solidify a 6-3 record during his first year starting on the Varsity defense.

After sitting down with Chris, the following is a transcript of our conversation:

FF: You’ve waited your entire high school career to start. How does it feel?

CM: “It feels great because I’ve waited since freshman year to play and I didn’t play that much before this year so it’s good to know that I’m the main part of the defense.”

FF: You lead the league in tackles. Has your production this season surprised you in any way?

CM: “Yeah, because I went from being the scrub on the team to making big plays.”

FF: When you line up on defense, what are you looking for?

CM: “What do I look for? I look to see the formation. Then when they all lineup I stare at their offensive line and they’ll bring me to the ball.”

FF: What has been your mentality for each week–and the season as a whole? 

CM: “My mentality for the rest of the week and season is to watch a lot of film, look for weaknesses, exploit them, and crush them.”