Feeney’s Features: Matt Gilmour

Feeney's Features: Matt Gilmour

Jack Feeney, Writer

Matt Gilmour is currently a junior on the New Milford football team. He has started on the defensive line for most of his sophomore year and all of this year. He recorded 10 tackles for a loss and 5 sacks on 61 tackles this year through 8 games. Those 5 sacks lead the defense and he was second on the team in tackles. Gilmour also plays tight end and has recorded 5 catches for 42 yards. Next year, Gilmour will enter his senior and will hope to continue his high level of production to cap off his high school career.

Here is the transcript of my interview with Matt:

Q: Last year, as a sophomore, you proved to the coaches that you were a guy they could rely on to make plays. What confidence did that give you entering this year?

A: It gave me confidence that I got a shot at proving myself and that I could be an asset on both sides of the ball. It also gave me confidence that the coaches had confidence in me to make those plays again.

Q: Your production this year was phenomenal. Did you think you would play this well or did you have the kind of season that was expected of you?

A: I think that being a second-year starter I was expected to make big plays but my statistics stood out more than I could’ve imagined.

Q: Next year as a senior, what do you hope to accomplish on the defense as a whole?

A:  I hope to become the leader on the defense and expand the number of positions I can be an asset at and I hope to have an even better season regarding my statistics.

Q: What kind of statement do you want to make next year entering the season?

A: I hope to show New Milford and our league that we’re a prime contender and that I have what it takes to play at a collegiate level as well.