The New Field is Finally Here

'Home Turf' takes on a whole new meaning for homecoming weekend.

Kathy Ryan and Zalkar Rysmendiev

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New Milford High School’s turf field will be ready to go for the homecoming football game against Lyndhurst on Friday, October 4.

Throughout the summer, New Milford High School has been in the process of building two brand new turf fields behind the school. In addition to the two new fields, there are new tennis courts and a new track. The New Milford High School community has been waiting for these new additions for a few months and is ready to finally put it to use. 

“It’s going to benefit everyone in this community,” said New Milford High School’s athletic director, Joe Ricciardelli. “It will help classes, it will help the community with a brand new track, and with both fields, it gives us that extra access. I can run two games at once, I can host tournaments, and it gives teams who are not playing a chance to warm up and practice.”

The new field is giving New Milford High School opportunities to productively use both fields and host events that it was not able to in the past. It is also a convenience in the fact that it requires a lot less maintenance than the former grass field called for. 

“It allows us to have more games: soccer games, football games, camps, less maintenance; it’s a win-win situation,” said New Milford High School head football coach Bill Wilde. 

The athletes of New Milford High School are counting down the days until they are able to play on this fresh field. They have waited weeks to finally have a home game, currently having scheduled home games changed to away due to the construction. 

“I think the new field is definitely beneficial to our community because athletes like myself finally get the opportunity to have home games on a quality turf field,” said senior Varsity Girls Soccer player Jaylyn DeLeon. “I couldn’t be more excited to play on it in these coming weeks.”

Players on the football team also had some comments on the new field. “The field is well designed and will be much easier to play on, as opposed to our old grass field.” said senior captain Douglas Korzelius. “As a senior, it is a great opportunity to play on a turf field for my final year in high school.”