Student Spotlight – Jeremy Tansits

NMHS Wheelchair Basketball Player Commits to Playing College Ball


Jeremy Tantsits commits to Southwest Minnesota State University as a Mustang.

Zalkar Rysmendiev, Writer

New Milford High School senior Jeremy Tantsits has recently committed to play basketball for Southwest Minnesota State University as a Mustang.

Currently playing for the Ryan Martin Foundation Trojans, Jeremy travels to different cities twice a month playing competitive wheelchair basketball, most recently in Philadelphia for a tournament. Traveling to different states to play multiple full-length basketball games while trying to balance school life can take its toll on student-athletes, but not Jeremy. He takes this as a challenge. Not only he is dedicated to making himself a better basketball player but also because he knows he has a future in the sport that he loves. 

Jeremey Tansists (far left) and the Ryan Martin Foundation Trojans wheelchair basketball team.

When asked what playing basketball means to Jeremy, he said, “It means everything to me, I love the sport of basketball. When I am on the court I am able to express my emotions through my game.” 


On why he chose SMSU, Jeremy said, “I wanted to go to the place with the greatest opportunity. I want to be on the best path for my career and SMSU can give me that chance.”

Jeremy felt like his style of play fit with SMSU’s playbook and felt that his role would be most efficient in Head Coach Derek Klinkner’s system. Listed as a point guard, Jeremy can be described as a two-way player running the floor and being a true playmaker while also fulfilling his role as an aggressive defenseman. The transition between high school and college can be difficult for a student which is something that Jeremy and his family realized. “I know that it may be overwhelming at first having to juggle school work with practice, but for me to excel in this sport, I have to get past these obstacles if I want to have the best chance to go pro.”


Going into next season, Jeremy has to be ready for the role his coaches expect him to fit in as an incoming freshman. That role is to get used to how SMSU plays their game so when it is his time to start, he can fit in their rotation perfectly. “Next season will be almost like a learning experience,” says Jeremy. “I have to be able to know how this team plays and how to be efficient in their gameplan.”


“This whole experience has been amazing, signing with the Mustang’s was the perfect choice for me and my family and we can’t wait for what’s next.” Jeremy is ready to continue his career in basketball and will keep working until he accomplishes his goal of going pro.