Student Spotlight – Nardi Alissa Barreau

From Haiti to WA to NJ, Nardi Alissa Barreau joins New Milford High School's Junior Class.

Student Spotlight - Nardi Alissa Barreau

Reannah Sanglay, Writer

Nardi Alissa Barreau is this year’s new girl, coming straight from Washington State. This year, she entered her junior year into New Milford High School, a high school polarly opposite to the previous high school she once attended.

She notes, “half of my life was spent in Washington. Here and there, they’re two different things. I grew up in Washington. Washington was my home. But here, I’m a fish out of water. A fish out of water with all the opportunity in the world, you know?”

Barreau, originally born in Haiti, transferred to New Milford High School from Tenino High School just this summer. Just like most transfers, Barreau was amazed by the number of clubs that New Milford High School had to offer. From the robotics club, to mock trial, and even simple volunteer groups like Light the Candle.

On her first days, Barreau recalls, “I remember everyone being so nice here. I was so new, I just remember thinking, why would anyone waste their time on a new girl like me? I was so scared for my first day. I was afraid that no one would talk to me, and that I’d have to be alone for my last two years of high school. But coming here, it’s an experience I’ll never forget. I just remember being so blown away by how wrong I was on my first day. People waved to me in the hallways. They said hello, and they wanted to get to know me. I belong. And there’s no better feeling in the world than belonging somewhere, and having somewhere to belong to, I guess.”

Barreau is on this year’s tennis team, helping to contribute to our New Milford pride. On most days, you’ll find her at the tennis courts after school, practicing and soaking in every piece of the community that New Milford has to offer.

“If I could give one new kid just one piece of advice to help their transition here a little better, I’d say to just join something. Anything. Join a club. Be a part of something. It feels good. I promise you, there is no better feeling in the world.”