The Merging of Two Beautiful Worlds

From YouTube personalities to makeup gurus, Shane Dawson and Jeffery Star are taking the Internet by storm.

Grace Sailer, Writer

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YouTuber and Social Media Celebrity Shane Dawson recently launched another docu-series surrounding the life of Jeffree Star, major beauty guru, YouTuber, and CEO of Jeffree Star Cosmetics. The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star, the series that the internet can’t stop talking about, is a series of six one-hour-long videos on Dawson’s channel that cover every detail of their collaborative collection’s production, including shade and name development, profit and advertising meetings, and even the time when Star’s warehouse was robbed of over $2.5 million of new product.

The series was a follow-up to Dawson’s original series The Life of Jeffree Star where he dove into all of Star’s controversial past, his rags-to-riches story, and his incredible business mindset. At the end of the original series, Dawson and Star seemingly joked about doing a makeup palette together. But Star encouraged it, and now together, they have brought the world a nine-piece makeup collection, as well as an entirely new merch line, all with the theme of Dawson’s brand on YouTube. The main piece of the collection, the eighteen shade palette, include shades “Flaming Hot”, “What’s the Tea”, “Diet Cola”, and “Diet Root-Beer”, along with other shades with names corresponding with Dawson’s taglines and content on YouTube, especially the conspiracy videos and major series that launched his video career. 

Throughout both of the series, Dawson and Star have become extremely close friends, and with each other’s help, they have been able to develop and embrace some of their ventures. Dawson and Star both especially relate to one another through their humble beginnings, their controversial rise to fame on YouTube, and their shared love for some of the most basic things (mainly food) despite their overall lavish lifestyle, including ranch dressing, root beer, taco bell, and a good old Slurpee from 7-11. Dawson and Star’s friendship has even helped Dawson dive deep into the beauty community and explore the world of makeup, a world that he has admired and aspired to be a part of in the past few years with the growing popularity of the beauty community.

Both series overall are representative of a beautiful bridge between two worlds on YouTube, something that can make the YouTube community more harmonious in the future. The series are also part of a new style of content on YouTube, spearheaded by Dawson and his editing partner, Andrew Siwicki, as docu-series that delve into what everyone is talking about online. These consist of videos that have a combination of documentary aspects as well as every-day-vlog aspects that all types of viewers enjoy. And they’re free to watch on-demand. These docu-series, as well as the products being created,  are also representative of how people from YouTube are finally being able to delve into the real world, and how the content featured on YouTube can be just as professional as mainstream media, but still feature individual creators, and still have that personable aspect that YouTube videos have. 

When the makeup collection launched on November 1, 2019, Jeffree Star Cosmetics reportedly sold over one million palettes in under thirty minutes. Every piece of the collection, including eyeshadow, lipsticks, and merchandise, was sold out the same day. even crashed right before the collection launched because of all the traffic the collection was generating on the site. 

Despite difficulties with the website, Star and Dawson were immediately met with congratulations and positive messages on their collection together, one Twitter user saying “I managed to snag a mini controversy palette! I paid extra, but now I have both palettes! Thank you so much @shanedawson @JeffreeStar ! I’m sorry all of this went down. You are both so amazing! Thank you for releasing an inspiration and being one!!! #ShaneDawsonXJeffreeStar” . 

Dawson and Star both expressed their gratitude for the widespread love toward the collection on all social media, Dawson tweeting, “I can’t believe it. everything in the conspiracy collection sold out. I cant believe how supportive u guys have been through this. I genuinely can’t put into words how overwhelmed I’m feeling. we’re internet dinosaurs and the fact that you guys are still there for us is insane :,)”

Star, reflecting Dawson’s gratitude, tweeting, “I’ve never been more proud of something in my entire life” 

There has been an overwhelming amount of reviews from beauty gurus on all levels of the YouTube spectrum, most expressing how this collection is the one to get. A pop culture website from Australia “Punkee” reviewed the palette and the verdict is clear, “ This palette is incredible. The colour combo is so unique, at first glance it seems a bit all over the place, but it’s actually a super nuanced colour story while staying true to its inspiration: Shane Dawson. … In short: I love this palette. Jeffree and Shane should be beyond proud.”

YouTuber and Beauty Guru Nikkie De Jager, aka NikkieTutorials on YouTube, was one of the first to review Dawson and Star’s collection and was even mentioned in some of the earlier episodes of the series.

After dipping into the shade “conspiracy” a duo-chrome green shadow, De Jager exclaimed, “Coming from a person who hates green this is nice”.

In her review video, De Jager reaches the end of her look and asks “What do I think?” to the camera, “First of all, I think the packaging is AA++++; I love it when you can see that there was a lot of love and thought put into packaging, and this is exactly that.”

De Jager did note that these shades seemed to have more fallout, or powdering, upon picking up with a brush than most JSC eyeshadow. So for people who have an especially hard time with the fallout, this may not be the palette for them, unless they’re willing to be especially gentle when applying. 

Fans of anything can enjoy either creators’ channels. Or, if you’re interested in their makeup collaboration, you can buy pieces of their collection here.

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