Creative Writing

A look into Ms. Lawlor's Creative Writing Senior Elective


by glassghost

The following works of poetry have been submitted by Ms. Lawlor, second year ELA teacher at New Milford High School. Please enjoy her Creative Writing class’s poetry.

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by Jacob Echeverry


we all live in a stereotypical world 

we are told how to dress 

we are told how to walk 

we are told to be Normal. 


we struggle to break the norm 

but we don’t realize 

    the norm is what we have to break 

we all have the power to be ourselves 

    but we are afraid of the judgement

the judgement of the ones who Follow.

photo by Ms. Lawlor
J. Echeverry – Senior, NMHS















by K. Soltys


a surge of emotions paralyze my legs.
the heart in my chest doesn’t feel like my own.
it has been taken.
taken by something hideous. repulsive. omniscient yet mute.
a malevolent figure is slowly curating its shadow.
incandescent patches make their way along the already radiant layer bound to shed.
not invited, but expected, its appearance is a guest.
a guest which decides for itself.
it is pain
It is torment
it is not welcome.
it is manipulation of the mind.
it is me.
i feel deranged.
i am unable to get a grasp of reality.
is it even present or, let alone, real?
as soon as the sun rises, life turns paradoxical.
day equates to a nightmare.
night, the opposite.
can’t you see?
it has been there all along.

photo by Ms. Lawlor
K. Soltys – Senior, NMHS














A Sestina Poem
by Laura Benoit


America is a place where dreams come true.
It is a place that appreciates hard, honest work
And never prevents anyone from achieving success
There are children who learn and play
And families that support each other through it all
America is a place where people live life right.


America is a place where people aren’t always given a right.
It is a place where people aren’t told what is true
And the children aren’t given attention at all
There are families who are fighting to stay for safety and work
And students who are afraid to go to school and play
America is a place where people cannot achieve success.


America is a place where the colored don’t know what even is success.
Because inequality is so rooted in society that it is almost right
The little white boys and girls play different games than the little black boys and girls play
Because their parents just feel more comfortable thinking stereotypes are true
The government prays on the impoverished for minimum wage work
America is selfish: It’s never one for all.


America has food for the privileged to gorge on; the weak nibble at the scraps from them all
Because the poor get poorer while the rich maintain their success.
So people need to find money with alternative ways to work
Because regardless of the law, money to provide for your family is right
The white hold prejudice since they don’t want to know what is true
America ignores the problems of the people, just go out and play!


But I don’t want to play.
I want justice, equality, and compassion for all
I want the world to know that life like this doesn’t need to be true
Because you and I deserve the right to achieve the same amount of success
We are united, we are free, society isn’t right
America I disagree with you, I am ready to get down to work.


My efforts in this country will be seen through my work
No one will surpass me thinking they are just going to play
This is no game, my brothers and sisters we must fight this oppression for all
We will fight because we know it is right
This “American Dream” isn’t the definition of success
The freedom to control my life, and to control yours, that’s what makes America true.


photo by Ms. Lawlor
L. Benoit – Senior, NMHS















by Victoria Apollo

My mouth opens to speak to you
But all that falls out is dirt.
Every “but” or “not exactly,” a shovel that further digs around my feet.
Damage control.
A desperate attempt to fix what once was.
Your eyes well up, I continue to dig.
A hole envelops me and I final fall in.
All that is left to do now is bury myself completely.



Mr. Monster
by Chloe DiMarco

The monster that resides in my head
It’s stays up there quiet throughout the day
But when I look in the mirror he comes out to play
He thinks it’s an invitation
I tell him to go away, leave me alone, you’re wrong
But he continues to persist
The monster that resides inside my head is mean
He tells me things I don’t want to believe
But like I said he persists
The monster that resides inside my head makes me believe him
He wins, he always does, I can’t get him to leave.