Senior Year at a Glance

Writer Kathy Ryan gives the Class of 2020's perspectives about moving on from NMHS.

Senior Year at a Glance

Kathy Ryan, Writer

High school is a time of change. Knowledge, friends, and lifestyles are all different from the moment you step into high school compared to the moment you step out. While the days in high school seem to drag on and go slow, any senior can confirm that the four years fly by. Many seniors have mixed feelings about graduating and leaving high school, however, it is the beginning of a new chapter in all of our lives. Some students know exactly what they want to do when they get out of high school, while others do not and plan to explore and discover what they love once they leave. The seniors at New Milford High School are a group of talented and intelligent young adults and have many mixed emotions about graduation along with big plans for the future.

Everyone has a different plan for the future. Some people want to stay at home and commute to college, while others want to go to a university across the country. Some people want to go to a trade school or just start working after they graduate. Some people want to go to the armed forces. There are so many different options, and there’s no “right” path to take because everyone’s goals are different. 

Senior Gianna Binetti says that “After high school, I plan to attend Ramapo College of New Jersey to major in social work”. 

While in college, there are so many majors that can be studied, and the opportunities for careers are endless. Along with academics, some students plan to be involved in athletics when they go off to college, like senior Meagan Correa who said, “I want to get involved in criminal justice and I want to play softball wherever I go.”

Although the majority of New Milford High School’s seniors plan to attend college to get a degree for their career, a few like Paul DiMarco are planning to go into the armed forces. He says, “I want to go into the arm because of the benefits it comes with” and feels that it’s the right thing for him because “It’s so hard to go down the wrong path when joining the army.”

Some people like senior Vienna DeNigris plan on going to a trade school, which is a school where you can specialize in what you want to have a career in, without a bunch of unnecessary classes, in order to get a certification and enter the workforce faster. 

Vienna explains, “I plan on going to cosmetology school because I love to do people’s hair and makeup. I hope to work in a high-end salon after I finish school” and that she does not see herself in a traditional college setting. 

While college is always thought to be the direct route to take after high school, it is not meant for everyone, which is why there are trade schools, the armed forces, and working, which are just as equally important as college.

It seems to seniors as though graduation day is coming faster and faster as the year goes on. As Meagan Correa said, “I feel graduation is something that during freshman year it felt it would take forever to reach the day, but now I feel like there’s not enough time until that day”. 

While every senior can attest to the fact that through their four years of high school they have said multiple times, “I just can’t wait to graduate”, we can also confirm that most of us are having mixed feelings about leaving high school.

Senior, Grace Adamo, who plans to go to college after high school proves these mixed emotions by explaining “I’m definitely excited to get out of our small town and meet new faces. I’m nervous because picking a major is very stressful. However, I’m happy I’m going to be going to school fewer hours a day so I can focus on working and working on myself financially.” 

Many people like Grace Adamo are excited to start fresh, like senior CJ Bridge who claims he is “most excited to start a new walk of life.”

There are countless things that seniors look forward to after graduation, however, there are also many things that we are all going to miss once we’re gone. Meagan Correa describes what she will miss by saying, “I’m going to miss being around all my friends whenever I want because a lot of them are going far for college. I’m also going to miss my friends that are younger than me because in New Milford High School all grades seem to come together and just click”, and Paul DiMarco claims that he’s going to “probably just miss the care-free living.”

Many people do not realize until senior year how much you change and learn about yourself during high school. Looking back at freshman year, a lot of aspects of life for most people are completely different from what they are in senior year. 

Senior, Jaylyn DeLeon, wraps up what she learned during her high school experience by saying “I feel like high school is a time in which we all learn a lot about ourselves. We fall into our friend groups and find our interests. Over the past four years, I’ve learned a lot and I think everyone should experience a high school education.” 

I, personally, plan on going to James Madison University or the University of Rhode Island to major in nursing and hopefully one day become a forensic nurse. I’ve always wanted to either go into the medical field or into criminology, so this career combines my two major interests together. While I am excited about graduation, college, starting my career and meeting new people, I know I’m going to miss seeing my friends every day because a lot of us have grown up together since pre-school and plan on going to college in different states. High school was a great experience for me and I hope that everyone who still has years left in New Milford High School decides to make the most out of their time here because it really does fly by faster than you think.

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