Voting and How to Get Registered

Are you registered to vote? With a presidential election looming, now's the time to prepare.


Joshua Arroyo, Writer

The 2020 United States presidential election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020.

You can vote in the United States if you are a U.S. citizen, have been a resident of the country for thirty days before the election, are registered to vote by your state’s registration deadline, and are eighteen years old on or before election day. If you are not eighteen as of yet, you can pre-register at the ages of sixteen or seventeen. To register to vote or check your status, click HERE.

Any person who is no longer in prison or on parole or on probation can register to vote as well. All convicted felons regain the right to vote after completion of their full sentence. If you were registered to vote before you were convicted you will have to complete a new form after you have served your time. The deadline to register for the primary election is May 12th, 2020. The registration for the general election deadline is October 13th, 2020.

As of the writing of this article, there are fifteen people running for president at the moment, twelve democratic and three republican candidates. The Democrats running are:

  • Michael Bennet (a senator from Colorado)
  • former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.
  • Michael L Bloomberg (former mayor of New York City)
  • Pete Buttigieg (mayor of South Bend, Indiana),
  • John Delany (former congressman from Maryland)
  • Tulsi Gabbard (congresswoman from Hawaii)
  • Amy Klobuchar (senator from Minnesota)
  • Deval Patrick (former governor of Massachusetts)
  • Bernie Sanders (senator from Vermont)
  • Tom Steyer (climate change and impeachment activist)
  • Elizabeth Warren (senator from Massachusetts)
  • and Andrew Yang (former tech executive who founded an economic development nonprofit)

The Republican candidates are:

  • President Donald J. Trump
  • Joe Walsh (former congressman from Illinois)
  • and William F. Weld (former governor of Massachusetts)

Note from the Editor – Registering to vote is a great way to make sure your voice is heard, not just in presidential elections, but in state and local situations as well. Many laws at the local level are what affect our everyday lives. Be sure to register to vote and see what is on your local ballot before election day.

To register to vote or check your status, click HERE.