Valentine’s Day Movies to Watch…for the Single People

All the single ladies, this one's for you.

by is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Reannah Sanglay

We’re officially nearing Valentine season: it’s cold but not too cold, flower shops are thriving, heart-shaped chocolates are suddenly appearing on shelves, and lovesick couples are taking every opportunity to display their heartfelt declarations of love. Valentine season is beautiful–but for some of us lonely singles out here, what exactly is there to celebrate? 

Self-love! Whether you’re in a relationship, not in a relationship, or stuck at “it’s complicated,” Valentine’s Day is for everyone because love doesn’t just exist in some concept of a “soul mate.”

Love is everywhere.

It surrounds us.

And that to me, is worth celebrating.

Below is a list of Valentine’s Day movies for the single girl to binge-watch this season. Yes, most of them are breakup movies, but it is these breakup movies that remind us that self-love is the greatest love of all. 



  • Someone Great


Someone Great is the ultimate breakup movie for the girl moving on. This movie gave me a sense of reality: it’s losing yourself and finding yourself all over again, and honestly, to me, that’s what heartbreak is all about. 



  • 500 Days of Summer


Some things aren’t built to last. We hang onto them for a while, and that’s okay. It’s all part of the process. But 500 Days of Summer reminds us that everything happens for a reason, and that each reason just brings us closer and closer to the one. 



  • John Tucker Must Die


Sometimes we get heartbroken. Cheated on, to be more specific. Some of us cry, some of us want to die. Kate Spencer takes a different road: revenge. Who has time to cry for a guy that was never even worth it?



  • 6 Years


6 Years is one of the saddest breakup movies I, personally, have ever watched. It tells the story of a young couple of six years drifting away due to life’s complications, and the aftermath of it. The most heartbreaking part of the movie is how relatable it all is–how universal, how tragically applicable to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. This is the movie to watch when you need the reminder that some things just aren’t built to last, despite how much we want it to. 



  • Sierra Burgess is a Loser


Sierra Burgess is a Loser tells the classic story of a social outcast learning self-love. No, she doesn’t really get the boy at the end. But she learns to love herself. And like I said, that’s the greatest love of them all.