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  • At the age of 18, you can get a tattoo, buy fireworks, serve on a jury, change your name, and so many more things, but the most important thing you can do at 18 is to vote.

    In 1607, the voting requirements in […]

  • What is Book Chat?

    Book Chat is a club designed to allow the students of New Milford High School to come together and discuss books. The club states, ¨it increases a sense of achievement, confidence, […]

  • Throughout history, spectators have placed bets on sporting events worldwide. In America, gambling on sporting events has become one of the most popular things to do for spectators of any given game. According to […]

  • The Environment

    For years we have heard about the growing deterioration of our planet and for years we have done nothing. Pollution is a serious epidemic within not only our country but the whole world. In the […]

  • Mrs. Swarctz is the devoted choir director at New Milford High School who has been teaching for thirty years. She has taught many students from all grades and has taught every instrument, including voice, […]

  • In college, all of them could sling the ball like it was backyard football. But just like the NBA, everyone knows that a rookie’s performance in college doesn’t always mean they’ll light it up like a pro.

    I […]

  • The short lasting relationship of Sweetener singer Ariana Grande and SNL performer Pete Davidson quickly ended on October 14, 2018, when the couple decided to call off their engagement. The couple had gotten […]

  • In the world of professional sports, all players should be after the same goal: winning as many championships as you can. This mindset for NBA players, in particular, has led to multiple superstars teaming up and […]

  • As the leaves change color, we move quickly back into the swing of football season. And with every season, like the leaves turning over, new rules begin to show their colors as well. One rule, in particular, […]

  • When you walk up to somebody in New York and ask them about politics, the economy, and celebrities, there is a very high chance that the person will know more about celebrities than politics. Almost every day on […]

  • When hearing the word “addict,” we all think of substance abuse. We think of the bottle of liquor, concealed in a paper bag being downed at ten in the morning, or the person whose parked car is filled with smoke t […]

  • On September 7, 2018, Malcolm James McCormick, more famously known as rapper Mac Miller, passed away at the age of 26.

    The cause of death has been rumored to be a drug overdose, but official autopsy reports […]

  • Claudia Martillo is a junior at New Milford High School. In school, she is a member of the Academies, TEDx club, and club director for New Milford Speaks Out. Outside of school, she spends her time working with […]

  • Jacob Lieberman is currently a senior at New Milford High School and this is the first year he will write for The Lance. After high school, Jacob wants to do something in business and marketing. Outside of school […]

  • Hailey Komninos is currently a sophomore at New Milford High School and is in her first year writing for The Lance. She wants to grow up in the cosmetics field and work with people’s clothing and makeup, etc. S […]

  • Daphne Pandeagua is currently a senior at New Milford High School and this is her first time writing for The Lance. She likes spending time with her beautiful friends and her wonderful cat. She is an enthusiast of […]

  • Sarah Maniago is a junior at New Milford High School and is currently writing for The Lance. She has ran cross country, been in the musical, and is looking forward to being a part of more extracurricular ac […]

  • Melissa Kocak is currently a junior at New Milford High School and is joining The Lance staff this year. Melissa is currently a three-sport athlete who does soccer during the fall and track in the winter and the […]

  • Raymond Rama is currently a senior at New Milford High School and joined The Lance in 2018. He plays baseball for New Milford High School. Raymond has been a part of the team for all four years. During his free […]

  • Tatyana Hernandez is a sophomore at  New Milford High School and an aspiring writer. This is her first year writing for The Lance but she is interested to see where it takes her and what’s to come. She currently […]

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Site-Wide Activity