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  • Teens face a number of different obstacles in today’s society, including the growing cost of college, school shootings, record-level economic and wage gaps, and the pressures of social media. But there is a new c […]

  • New Milford High School’s turf field will be ready to go for the homecoming football game against Lyndhurst on Friday, October 4.

    Throughout the summer, New Milford High School has been in the process of b […]

  • Erin Kim, Senior at NMHS, is the creator behind a “bookstagram”, an account on Instagram that features her love for books and photography. Her account @thebookists on Instagram has over five thousand followers and […]

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  • Joshua Arroyo is a senior at New Milford High School. In his free time, Josh can be found playing basketball. He also enjoys listening to music. After high school, he plans to attend college but is unsure where […]

  • Reannah Sanglay is a senior at New Milford High School pursuing a career in law and accounting. In her free time, she is training for jiu-jitsu at a local gym in Westwood. For eight years she took kung fu until […]

  • Kathy Ryan is a senior at New Milford High School. In school, she is a member of the Academies, National Honor Society, and Spanish Honor Society. She is also the captain of the Volleyball team, Girl’s B […]

  • Grace Sailer is a senior at NMHS and an avid member of the Digital Journalism class. Grace enjoys playing softball, where she plays the outfield, third base, and catcher. Grace is also involved in Mandarin Club, […]

  • Zalkar Rysmendiev is a senior at New Milford Highschool. His favorite subject is video production works because he enjoys using video editing programs. Out of school, he usually finds himself at the gym or playing […]

  • What started as just a rumor is now a full-blown feud between female rappers Nicki Minaj and Cardi B.

    According to Refinery29, rumors began to arise when Motorsport was released. Motorsport is a song by a […]

  • Benefits of Sleep

    What is the point of sleep? Simply, sleep is what gets humans through the day. It is a form of rest that slows down the nervous systems activity. Without this precious pleasure, your body […]

  • Matt Gilmour is currently a junior on the New Milford football team. He has started on the defensive line for most of his sophomore year and all of this year. He recorded 10 tackles for a loss and 5 sacks on 61 […]

  • Jermaine Lamarr Cole, widely known as the artist, J. Cole, has been in the music industry for years, working hard to make his way to the top.

    Winner of various awards, such as BET’s Best Mixtape in 2011, B […]

  • It’s almost that time of year again. Brackets will be filled out before you know it. 

    On an opening night that featured a contest between #2 Kentucky vs. #4 Duke, the two favorites to win the national c […]

  • Throughout history, baseball has been the backbone of US sports. All Americans enjoy going to a game and seeing some of the world’s best players oppose one another. Whether players are stealing a base, making a d […]

  • The New Milford High School football team had a huge graduating class this year with 24 seniors. Most of them are exceptional at their positions, commanding a lot of respect on the team. However, one senior seems […]

  • New Milford High School encourages us to find out who we are and what we are interested in and have so many opportunities to be a part of something. Besides other countless school activities and communities, we […]

  • The arrival of the Marvel Universe favorite, Carol Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel, was first officially teased in the post-credits scene of Avengers: Infinity War. A brief symbol of her iconic costume was […]

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