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  • As my final year as a high school student comes to a close, I have realized that even though I had my fair share of bad times, my good experiences and relationships that I have developed completely override […]

  • During the late 1980s  many iconic games made their way into homes everywhere. One game made the stress levels of all those playing sky rocket. Perfection was a game that made you start “rockin’ before the piec […]

  • After returning from two weeks abroad, it is expected for us all to be exhausted; but, here I am, writing this sentence at 8:30 in the morning after 22 hours of traveling just so I could return to the small little […]

  • In many schools throughout the nation, live grade programs are being implemented into to the education system. While many only see the positives to have students up to date with their standing in their classes […]

  • Students go to school every day to study what has happened in the past through their history classes, how to read between the lines in their English classes, how to logically work through a situation in their math […]

  • In a craze during the early 2000’s, the kids toy, Moon Shoes, swept the country by storm. It was a product promoted to children through the television station Nickelodeon. Moon Shoes were marketed as “ […]

  • On January 15, New Milford High School celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. The student Council leads the assembly each year, and this year’s was certainly one to remember. Filled with skits to reinforce the m […]

  • Lean In. Two words that to most would signify nothing, but to approximately 40 women at New Milford High School and millions of women around the world, those words signify empowerment, equality, and education. […]

  • “Putting together this assembly almost seems routine. In planning an assembly like this, it’s easy to go through the motions. It’s easy to say the same thing as last year and talk about race with the same enthu […]

  • In this day and age everyone is completely unique. There is not a single person that is exactly the same as another. However, many people see that as a problem. These people that see this as a problem feel that […]

  • Schools are very concerned with the safety of their students, however there are some unclear aspects of the procedures that the students must follow. According to New Jersey State Law a school is required to hold […]

  • As the New Milford High School fall season draws to a close, many senior athletes step onto the field or court for the very last time. One senior in particular, Nathalie Ortiz, steps to her position on the NMHS […]

  • Want to transfer one of your favorite photos onto a canvas to add a more decorative look to one of your photos? This can be achieved with a few supplies, in a few steps, and with a little bit of time.

    The […]

  • On Thursday, March 14, Lance staff members along with Mrs. Westbrook hopped on a bus and made their way to The Record’s home base.

    When we arrived, we were greeted by Mr. Joe Dziublenski, a production copy e […]

  • Have you ever heard of Murray Becker? The Hindenburg? Murray Becker is the photographer that took the magnificent, timeless fifteen photos of the Hindenburg, from its first spark, to its final demise.Born in […]

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