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Jhari Rogers

  • Senioritis is defined by Google as “a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.”

    Many senior students suffer from […]

  • Many people loving lifting weights to get in better shape or to better themselves for sports. Some look to the gym to relieve stress or just as a daily routine. Gym lovers tend to try and keep a slim figure or […]

  • Many Americans eat unhealthily throughout their lives. America is one of the fattest countries in the world due to the food industry.

    Obese: grossly fat or overweight.

    Symptoms: Obesity occurs when a p […]

  • Sarah Valdez has been a student of the New Milford educational system since elementary school. She has been striving to do her best throughout her educational career. Valdez is currently trying to find a home for […]

  • On February 27 Haley McAveney broke the school indoor track record in the 1600m State Meet of Champions. Many might see McAveney’s bright, vibrant smile around school, but she’s a track phenom at setting […]

  • Students are deciding whether they’re going 25 miles away or 2,500 miles away to jump start their lives. College is a getaway for many students leaving their parents and their hometown to adventure the world. […]

  • Jobs are essential for high schoolers as high school isn’t cheap. Many students become able to drive and have more freedom with their parents on weeknights and weekends. Expenses, such as going out to eat, gas, p […]


    Many people claim to be car enthusiasts but are they really car enthusiasts? My good friend Julian Abreu is a car lover himself and you can see that in his 2006 Acura TSX. “Tina”, his car, has gotten  […]

  • Keith Cozart, otherwise known as Chicago icon Chief Keef, has come out of music retirement and with a vengeance. Kicking his career off at the age of 16 with the street single “I Don’t Like,” rapper Chief Keef was […]

  • Bionca Chambers is an elite point guard at New Milford High School. She stands at 5’7″, 130 lbs. Chambers can score from almost anywhere on the court and can change the temperature of the game within a second. Bi […]

  • John Burger has been a dominant wrestler ever since he stepped foot in New Milford High School. Burger goes by many names by his peers, such as “JBurg”,”Burg” or simply “Burger”. Burger has been making noise throu […]

  • The New Milford Knights advanced to the state finals on December 4 at Metlife stadium, after defeating Becton. The Knights have had a tough schedule in battling against Harrison , Pompton lakes, Belvidere, W […]

  • The New Milford Knights have had an outstanding football campaign in 2016-2017. The Knights finish the campaign in an 8-3 advance to the state finals, but ultimately fell short. The Knights’ schedule consisted […]

  • The defensive line is a very strong component in the Knights defensive scheme. The Knights play a 4-4 with four down linemen that control the trenches with gap responsibilities. The defensive line consisted of […]



    Junior Quarterback Ryan Picinic, standing at 6 foot 4 inches tall and weighing 185 pounds, commands an arsenal attack for the New Milford Knights. The Knights throwing attack has been overlooked due to S […]


    Throughout high school,  every freshman dreams of leaving school grounds and going out for lunch. Many seniors leave when they get the opportunity to eat out instead of staying for the school lunch. Why do s […]


    This past week, New Milford High School Knights’ senior running back Christian Correa ran through the Hawthorne Bears without any hesitation. Correa carried the ball 37 times for 261 yards, with three to […]


    Prom Weekend is a very exciting time due to the excitement of prom. The majority of the Senior class goes down to Seaside Heights from the Thursday after prom until Sunday and come to school that following […]

  • Donald John Trump was born on June 14,1946 in Queens, New York. Trump is an American businessman, politician, television personality, and author. He is a businessman that wants the best for “America” and goes by […]

  • For sixteen years, New Milford High School has taken a trip to Germany to learn more about the Holocaust. Many students come back with a better outlook on life after learning about the struggle third world […]

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Jhari Rogers