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Natalie Benoit
Natalie Benoit, a senior at New Milford High School, is completing her second year as a member of the school newspaper, The Lance. She has always dreamed of following a career in the writing industry, especially one where she could potentially become a broadcast journalist or manage a company as a public relation specialist. Natalie enjoys being part of such a supportive community and engages in numerous after school sports and activities. It is her fourth year as part of the class/school council and is now student body president. Natalie is also captain of the varsity cheer team and active in clubs/organizations including peer leadership, Model UN, girl scouts and the school feminist group, Lean-In. She has lived in New Milford the majority of her life with her mother, father, and younger sister, Laura. Natalie hopes that with the help of her adviser, Mrs. Groff, and the rest of her peers, she can continue to improve as a journalist.


Natalie Benoit, Editor

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